Sunday School

Here at Fredonia Hill, we value biblical community. We strive to have a culture that prioritizes reading and understanding the Word of God. We believe that our Sunday School classes play a major role in establishing this culture. We offer numerous Sunday school, many of which are multi-generational.

Feel free to choose the Sunday School class that works the best for you. Curriculum varies between Sunday School classes. 

Listed below are several options for you to consider when choosing a Sunday School class. If you have any questions or need help choosing a class, please contact us.

Fellowship Journey (30's - 50's)

Faithful Friends (women, all ages)

Nueva Esperanza (spanish speakers)

Russell Sunday School Class (30 & up)

"The" Sunday School Class (30's & 40's)

The seekers (40 and up)

Young Professionals (20's & 30's)

Revive (college students)