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We are launching a series of responses to "All My Hope" from members of Fredonia Hill. Starting April 25, we will be releasing responses and photographs of these members describing the impact "All My Hope" has has on their testimony and church life.

Read their stories here.

If you would like to submit your own response, you can do so HERE.

all my hope

The song All My Hope is a testimony of the goodness of God, and an invitation to be a part of that story. Written during a time when hope seemed to be in short supply in our world, the song is a reminder that even in on our toughest days, Jesus has always, and still does, bring light to dark places.

The accompanying film follows three interweaving narratives of struggle, hope, and friendship, and challenges the viewer to recall what God has done and what he is doing, through our worship as brothers and sisters in Christ and obedience to the Holy Spirit. 


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God is using "All My Hope" to share stories of unity, worship, reconciliation, and family. We would love to hear your testimony of how God is using this video with you. Please complete the short questionnaire by clicking here

If your Community Group would like to discuss "All My Hope" together, download this Discussion Guide