What are community groups?

Community Groups play an important role in our lives as we grower closer to Christ through deep, meaningful, Gospel-centered friendships. Our desire is that every member of Fredonia Hill would be involved in a Community Group for the purpose of spiritual formation through authentic friendships as we share life together and bear one another’s burdens. 

Community Groups are important because they provide an opportunity to accomplish elements of friendship that cannot happen with the larger group settings of the Worship Service or Sunday School. Community Groups allow for a level of accountability and transparency that is necessary and beneficial within the lives of all Church members.

Elements of a community group

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Transparency through confession

Quick to offer grace rather than judgement

Encouragement and support for one another

community group resources

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  • For a list of studies for adults and students from Lifeway, click here.

    For a list of additional recommended books to study together, click here.

  • Here is an example of what a one-hour meeting could look like:

    • Arrival (5 minutes) - Allow a few minutes for small talk as everyone arrives.
    • Prayer (5 minutes) - Have someone open the group in prayer and ask the Lord to use this time to sharpen one another throughout your time together.
    • Intentional Conversation (10 minutes) - Spend a few minutes sharing highs and lows from the week. This could also be a time of briefly sharing celebrations and praises.
    • Study/Discussion (20 minutes) - Depending on the resource and study style your group utilizes, this could be a time to discuss what you read or watched the previous week, or a time to read or watch new content together. Whatever study style you choose, this time should be focused around learning, sharing, and discussion with one another.
    • Accountability (10 minutes) - As your group time comes to a close, spend a few minutes asking questions and keeping one another accountable. This time should be saturated with grace, prompting encouragement and support - not legalism and shame.
    • Prayer (10 minutes) - Close out your group time by sharing prayer needs and how you can intercede for one another throughout the week.

frequently asked questions

  • Welcome to Fredonia Hill! We are so glad you have been attending and are wanting to get more connected to the family. Our desire for each person at Fredonia Hill is that they would be involved in the three essential gatherings: our Worship Service, Sunday School, and Community Groups. 

    We recommend getting involved in a Sunday School class as a way to discover new friendships and introduce you to potential groups.

  • There is no one correct answer to this question. Some groups may prefer to meet at someone’s home, others may prefer a coffee shop, others may meet over lunch at a restaurant, or some may even decide a park works best. The options are limitless as you decide what works best for your group to succeed.

  • While there is no specific time slot for groups to meet at the church, the church is always an option for our members. We have a variety of rooms that would be ideal for Community Groups. If your group desires to meet at the church, please contact the church office at (936) 564-8386.

  • The church will not provide childcare for Community Groups. Childcare must be covered within each group by the group itself. While we understand this may be a challenge for some groups, we encourage you to seek childcare help through mutual relationships within our church family.

  • Your group can meet as long as you see fit. The goal of Community Groups is not to check a box or reach a time limit, but rather to build a level of deep friendship with the goal of spiritual formation. On the resources tab, you will find a sample breakdown of what a one hour meeting could look like. 

  • We place a high value on commitment and consistency in order to help each group thrive. Some groups may choose to meet weekly, others may choose bi-weekly, and others may even choose monthly. Each group can find the rhythm that works best for that specific group. Our recommendation is that groups meet once a month at a minimum. Just be consistent in whatever frequency you choose!

  • There is no magic number but we do caution against adding too many people too quickly. A good rule of thumb is to consider how effective your group can be in the three elements of Community Groups (Accountability, Challenge, and Commitment). If these core elements cannot exist because of your group size, it may be too large. 

  • In order to help formulate friendships, consider having everyone share life updates, what God is actively doing in the lives of each person, struggles, challenges, wins, prayer needs, praise reports, etc. 

    In addition to these personal elements, your group could also chose to embrace a variety of styles for the sake of spiritual formation and discussion. You could focus conversation on current sermons, bible studies, books, video resources, podcasts, or anything else that could be used to help each other grow in your walk with Christ. We have a sample list of resources that you can view here.

  • If you have any questions about Community Groups at all, please contact Emily Singer, our Associate Director of Adult Ministries. She will be able to assist you with all things Community Groups and get you connected to both people and resources. Please call the church office at (936) 564-8386 or email her directly here.