rylee cooper

In your life, where have you seen hope emerge from difficulty?

I have definitely seen hope emerge from difficulty in my life. When I was 11, my uncle took his own life. That was really hard for me to grasp as a preteen. A lot of doubt and anxiety came from that and it is still something I struggle with sometimes but when I would have times of anxious thoughts, I would open my Bible and I would write Scripture. The Word became so comforting to me, especially Joshua 1:9. I then started really listening to worship music and here I am today. The Lord instills hope where we need it at the exact time we need it. I am very grateful for that.

How has God used specific people to bring you to this point in your faith journey? 

Have any of these people been unexpected?

My parents have been a big guide to me in my journey. My mom was the one who taught me to go to Scripture. My dad has always been solid and comforting in times of need. Also I grew up going to Pine Cove Family Camp. I think that those 14 years at Pine Cove really shaped who I am today, with countless counselors pouring into me every summer. It strengthened my relationship with my family and my relationship with the Lord and I cannot be more thankful for that!

What has “All My Hope” revealed to you about the nature of church family? How has this challenged some of the “typical” ways we view church community?

I think before joining Fredonia Hill just a short year ago, I had never truly understood what it means to be a part of a church family. It was always the place that you go on Sunday mornings. I was close with the Lord but I wasn’t a big part of the church. Since then, I know exactly why the Lord wants us to enjoy fellowship. The people I have met at Fredonia Hill have honestly changed my life and I’ve only really been able to spend time with them for about a year and a half now. I learned how to get involved and get to know the community on a deeper level. The All My Hope documentary just solidified that for me and make me grateful almost to tears at how the Lord has blessed me with the community I’ve found at Fredonia Hill. I think this definitely challenged my view of a “church family”. It’s not just some corny thing that people talk about who have been going to the same church forever. It is challenging and it takes a leap of faith to put yourself out there but it is so worth it because of the relationships that come out of it. It is a family in the most comforting way possible.

What has “All My Hope” revealed to you about the nature of church family? How has this challenged some of the “typical” ways we view church community?

Wow oh wow, where to start. I love this church so dearly. It excites me to see all that the Lord is doing through Fredonia Hill. I love how they pour into college students and include them in all aspects. I see a lot of the Lord’s mission being fulfilled in college ministry. Being a part of worship ministry, I can see where we are headed as a whole in facilitating worship and that is so exciting. I’ve even started writing worship music which has been the most amazing experience. With this documentary and sharing our stories, I can see how the Lord is already using this story to bring people closer together in our community. Speaking of community, how amazing is our community outreach efforts!? I love Fredonia Hill. I love all the staff at Fredonia Hill who invest in people intentionally. The Lord is so good for having me as a part of this church family.