a special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project:

"It's important for you to know that this EP was a collective effort of a lot of talented folks, and since good old fashioned liner notes aren't much of a thing anymore, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some important people on this project.

  • Songwriting - I had two co-writers on the project, Brandon Todd Wright and Sky Howard, both of whom I've made music with for a long time. They keep me on track. 
  • Vocals - FH has some incredible vocalists... Maddison Duty, Rylee Cooper, Emily Todd, and Ann Rabich provided some excellent lead and harmony vocals. 
  • On guitar and steel guitar, the incomparable Drew Middlebrook and Brendyn Todd
  • One of the most unique parts on the EP was written and played by John Kennon, a "knock you down" horn section. 
  • We had a group vocal with the voices of Megan Kopesky, Mia Criswell, Reid James, Eli Box, and Lindsey McDonald.
  • On bass guitar, holding down the "Encore Studio Wrecking Crew" rhythm section... one of my oldest friends, Paul Engelking.
  • Finally, the glue of the whole project was Heath Perritt playing the drums, producing, mixing, mastering, and cool hats.

I'm proud and thankful for this crew."

- Blake Russell, Worship Pastor

acoustic sessions, moments from release week, and then some.